Architectural Mountain, Goods Used: An Architectural Yard Sale, Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2013

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Chris Gassaway

Project Description:

Exhibited at Jai & Jai Gallery in Los Angeles, Architectural Mountain is a large speculative model that is assembled out of everyday readymade objects that have been collected, altered and compacted. Architectural Mountain proposes an extreme spatial condition where users will become architectural mountaineers. Architectural Mountain contains none of the functional burdens of useful architecture. Without stairs, elevators and escalators, architectural mountaineers will climb on, over, under, next to, within and in-between useless architecture. Without designated thresholds, doors, and windows, architectural mountaineers will battle through the debris of useless architecture. Without construction standards, conventions, and codes, a new tectonics of the perverse will emerge where architectural mountaineers will delight in the horror of the structural and material fiascos. Instead of alpine sickness, and inexperienced architectural mountaineer may experience architectural sickness as the result of an overloading repulsion of useless architectural of staggering spatial proportions.