Team: Andrew Kovacs

Project Description:

Archive of Affinities is the longest project I have ever worked on and all of my research and work emerges from it. It is a project with no deadline, no client, and no budget. Therefore it is a project that has no outside impositions and is free to be a project of pure passion. Archive of Affinities is both deeply personal and extremely public. Archive of Affinities is a constantly updated collection of architectural images that exploits the dual meaning of affinity and the likeness associated with the word as both personal predilection and the relationship between things. Archive of Affinities is not an archive of the canon or of tradition, but rather of the overlooked; or the Architectural B-side. If the canon is a solar system, Archive of Affinities is a galaxy. While the canon is lethargically limited and exclusive, Archive of Affinities is briskly expansive and inclusive. Archive of Affinities is never ending and seeks, searches out, and scans each architectural image - good, bad, and ugly. This collection of useless architecture with overwhelming architectural qualities is arranged in multiple ways to become a crucible for making architecture from architecture.