Bradbury Building Architectural Window Display, Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, California, 2016

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Sam Yehros

Project Description: 

This architectural window display was commissioned by the A+D Museum in Los Angeles and installed  at the Bradbury Building, over 3 months, for events and conferences that envisioned Downtown Los Angeles in 2040. Conceived of as a continuous and connected skyline, this window display appropriates existing elevations from the history of architecture along with elevations of iconic buildings in Downtown Los Angeles such as The Broad, The US Bank Tower, The Gas Company Tower, and Wilshire Grand. Each of these elevations are edited and cropped and kept at the same scale in relation to one another. Stitched together across 6 street front window bays, this composition consists of different textures and patterns generating a continuous elevation that is composed of many individual parts. As such, the window display is an architectural speculation - one that imagines a different type of skyline and urban organization for Downtown Los Angeles. This architectural window display collapses the distance of the space between these flattened architectural fragments such that each proposal willingly pins new with old, clean with messy, drawing with photograph, open with contained, tall with flat, bigness with smallness, order with disorder, and the singular with the many.