Colossal Cacti, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, California,  2019

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Erin Wright, Summer Liu

Project Description:

Colossal Cacti consists of seven large sculptural cacti, loosely arranged in a spiraling ring formation to create a plaza and entryway for festival goers. The height of the cacti range from 14’ to 52’”. At the base of each of the seven cacti is a stepped plinth, inviting festival goers to rest, dance on top, meet up, lounge in the shade, people watch, or listen to music. Four of the seven cacti are made of wood and these are the largest of the seven structures. The remaining three cacti are made of steel with the intention to become permanent after the festival. All seven cacti are covered in bright colors, that up close provide a fun and playful backdrop to produce an image and from a distance make the overall configuration of the seven cacti appear like a sprawling skyline. Each of the seven cacti are covered with a grid of road reflectors, as found on the horizontal surface of a highway - referencing the spines that appear on natural cacti.