Proposal for The Guggenheim Helsinki Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2014

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Chris Gassaway

Project Description:

This Proposal for The Helsinki Guggenheim Museum is conceived as a large hypostyle hall where a highly differentiated field of architectural compactions would be scattered between, allowing for both conventional and new experiences for viewing art. This large hypostyle hall is a horizontal composite that contains multiple levels, linked by bridges under a single roof.  Each architectural compaction of this highly differentiated field is made up of useless and discarded objects with architectural qualities that are repurposed and compacted into various areas devoted to the required programs.

Such architectural compactions and range in modes of habitation from the familiar to that of extreme pleasure. Derelict walls of a fast food restaurant are repurposed to become a ceiling less room for a painting gallery with openings for viewers to look out and in, a concrete tube rotated 90 degrees becomes an intimate 1:1 experience for viewing a work of art, a colossal duck with a miniature Eiffel Tower perched on its back becomes a scenic overview, a mound with cubes protruding from it becomes a unique display where gallery goers can curate and recurate works of art from the collection, the roof of a barn becomes an entrance gateway funneling users into the museum, a repurposed facade becomes a surface to hang a small collection of art for an intimate viewing experience, bridges criss cross the plan of the museum over typical white box galleries displaying art…