Instant Elevation, 12 Walls, Exhibiting Contemporary Approaches on Ornament, Decoration and Pattern, Veszprém, Hungary, 2018  

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Erin Wright

Project Description:

If the goal of ornamentation and decoration is to add a new appeal to something, in this case the existing unadorned interior wall, the ambition of Instant Elevation is to paint an exterior elevation of a building on an interior elevation of a building. The composition of Instant Elevation is dictated by the existing condition of the unpainted interior wall, specifically the grid of tiles on the lower face of the wall. Above the tiles the composition is divided in two parts. One part is painted to resemble exterior siding, and the other part is painted to resemble a pitched roof facade made up of bricks. Both parts have windows painted as part of the composition. The painted windows contain painted shadow’s to suggest a narrow depth, the depth of paint, between the newly painted Instant Elevation and the existing unadorned interior wall. The window panes of all the windows are left unpainted revealing the existing unadorned interior wall, folding it into the overall composition of the totality of Instant Elevation. Instant Elevation works with a color palette of light blues to unite the different parts of the composition to read as a singular whole. Within this palette brighter colors are used to move one’s eye over the individual parts of the composition.