Proposal for Järfälla Login Gate A Horizontally Expanding Conglomerate, Järfälla, Sweden, 2016

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Naomi Steinhagen

Project Description:

The proposal for the Login Gate at Järfälla is generated by a thin, long, and linear marble wall that is perched and spanning between a device charging ziggurat that is a collective seating area and a colossal column. In addition to defining a entry way for the park, the goal of the proposal is to create a horizontally expanding conglomerate of architectural elements containing various activities such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, small pools, and multiple squares that act as collective seating areas where devices can be charged and re-charged. Most importantly isolated and detached architectural elements such as facades and windows aide in the expansion of the horizontal conglomerate and become selfie stations for visitors to announce their presence at the park.

Ideally, these architectural elements would be reclaimed and recycled from local sources. The device charging ziggurat and colossal column become anchors from which the architectural elements of the conglomerate expand horizontally. A number of birdhouses are scattered throughout the horizontal conglomerate, denoted by their color such as green and blue. Atop the thin, long, and linear marble wall are multiple birdhouse’s creating a birdhouse village - where various local birds can congregate and chirp, announcing the arrival of visitors to the park. A colossal table affix’s into the device charging ziggurat, providing shade below and at the 6th level of the collective seating area of the ziggurat, an extension to a much more intimate lover’s lookout at the table top’s surface. A leaning internet service tower allows for free and consistent internet usage while suspending a colossal disco ball as one passes beneath the marble wall generating an additional selfie station.

As a horizontally expanding conglomerate this proposal is open to either site - with the thought that as the gate expands out horizontally from the device charging ziggurat and the column both sites and gates would eventually be connected through an agglomeration of architectural elements proposing a porous ring around the park.