Rainbow Forest, Athens, Georgia, 2021

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Kyle May, Max Harden, Brandon Hing, Eli Saragoussi, Patrick Sprague, Omar Garza / Nous Engineering

Project Description:

Rainbow Forest is a public and permanent interactive work that is sited in Athens, Georgia. Consisting of a grid of 36 slender brightly colored columns, each “tree” of Rainbow Forest is constructed out of a standard smooth finish 8” x 8” x 8” concrete masonry unit that is stacked 12’ tall. Rainbow Forest is generated by the ubiquitous building method of concrete block construction and each face of each column is a different color. Arranged in a grid they create a space to wander through, lounge, have a picnic as well as frame views of the Oconee Rivers Greenway. Painted a range of bright colors, Rainbow Forest also provides a backdrop for images that compliments the natural surroundings. The use of everyday building materials and techniques not only creates a work that can last in the weather conditions of Athens, Georgia with minimal maintenance, but also celebrates the role that architecture and art can have in reimagining the everyday life of people in the public sphere.