Tempietto Exemplum, Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, Connecticut, 2018  

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Erin Wright

Project Description:

For this exercise we decided to remake Bramante’s elevation and plan from pieces, parts and fragments that we have collected and stored over time in model storage boxes. All of these pieces are physical and have been scanned on a flatbed book scanner and stored digitally as well. The pieces, parts and fragments are typically used to produce other models and ideas that we pursue. In the collection of pieces one may find scraps of high end paper, fragments of used HO scale train models purchased on eBay, various finds that have appealing textures from craft stores, the street, 99cents stores, and the home improvement store. There are legos and lego rip offs that have been donated and collected in the model boxes overtime. Digitally these pieces change in size and saturation and are meticulously assembled. Effectively, we aim to produce a collection of pieces, parts and fragments that will be used to produce an image and also be used to produce models that are miniature representations of what we hope to realize 1:1.