Wall Assembly, Omaha, Nebraska, 2018  

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Erin Wright, Summer Liu

Project Description:

Wall Assembly is an architectural installation located at Maple St. Construct, an experimental architectural and art space in Omaha, Nebraska. The ambition of Wall Assembly is to realize a full size architectural folly that is composed, arranged and constructed from everyday readymade building materials, that are altered and assembled in playful manner.

Wall Assembly is generated by two walls that meet to form a “V” in the plan of the gallery. As a folly, Wall Assembly plays up the distinction between uselessness and usefulness, partitioning the space at Maple St. Construct, while also having no immediate function. On the interior of the “V” of Wall Assembly, the construction framing is left exposed, or partially exposed, and painted, suggesting another layer of the overall composition in a wall that would typically remain hidden.

The installation is meant to be understood as architectural fragments that have been composted into a totality. In other words, while each elevation of Wall Assembly may appear to be different, and have its own formal and compositional agenda, when understood in certain views, the installation reads as a singular object in the space of the gallery. Finally, the everyday materials used in the installation are sourced in Omaha, Nebraska and constructed over a three day period in the gallery.